All, Druckgrafik

Shingo Francis

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Shingo Francis


All, Druckgrafik

These pigment prints employs the strategies of mining the Internet of webcam video data. This body of work aggregates webcams for surf spots from various places around the world. I utilized this network of webcams compromised by the elements or have malfunctioned to stream images useless for their specified mission. The images captured have for one reason or another ceased to function for their intended task, and are obfuscated and rendered illegible by a malfunctioning webcam thereby streaming abstractions of the actual scenery and / or pixilated and gliching digital images.
I find this fascinating because the webcams are rogue in intent and have become their own image-makers blurring the line between virtual and analog reality. The reality is further blurred by «painting» into the image with solvents combining gesture with glitch and pixilation.

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