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All, Druckgrafik

John Beech’s approach to making art relies on the unforeseen unfolding of events that arise as a result of setting a process in motion. The presence of an object. The familiar rediscovered. The overlooked examined.
The sculpture and paintings are made from commonplace building materials, such as plywood, wood glue and hardware items. The work merges formal concerns of abstract art with the utilitarian design found in objects from the built-up environment, such as garbage containers and movers’ dollies. The group of unique prints on paper in the current exhibition combine the artist’s black and white photographs, many of which contain details of the New York City urban fabric, with a silkscreen overlay of a enlarged section from one of Beech’s drawings. The photograph, partially obscured by the acrylic ink, becomes unanchored from its original setting to allow for an open-ended interpretation.

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